Corporate Accounts

Applications for Corporate Trading Accounts should be submitted when a Legal or Registered Corporation intends to open an account. Learn more about the required documentation below. 

Corporate Form

Click the link below to open the application form as a PDF. Please fill out the form and send or email it to us with the required documentation listed below. You may send both application and documentation to

On the Corporate Account Application form you will find areas specially designed for assigning an Authorized Representative, to trade, deposit or withdraw on behalf of the applicant.

Additional Documents

If the company applying has more than one director or/ shareholder, you will be asked to complete and provide additional documentation (i.e. Specific Power of Attorney and Minutes of Board of Directors) in order to ensure the above criteria is met as part of the account opening process. 

Once your account application has been received and processed, your login details will be forwarded to you by Skilling team. 

Please make sure you have read and understood our Business Terms and Conditions.




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